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In today’s world Bands, Artists, Labels or anyone in the music business MUST be able to get their message OUT – understanding and using Social Networking is not just something to toy with – it’s something that you MUST KNOW and MAKE THE MOST OF IT! After all it is for the most part FREE! And FREE is a GREAT THING in these troubled times for the music business.

Let The Service Station help you with you Social Media and Internet Marketing Needs!

We can tie your Website in to all of your social networks and allow you to update them with ONE CLICK and that allows you to continually get more information and links BACK to your website!

We are now offering a suite of services to assist with Viral Marketing and have a huge back of tricks and tips that will allow you to get your Social Networking done and out the way so you can move on to being CREATIVE and getting YOUR MUSIC OUT THERE!

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Stephen McCord

The Service Station


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