John Burns and Stephen McCord on Music Business Radio

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As taken from Music Business Radio

John Burns and Stephen McCord join us for Music Business Radio this week. John is a seasoned music industry veteran with thirty-five years of record label and music distribution experience. He was President of Universal Distribution, the world’s top label distribution company, for thirteen years. He also served as General Manager of Giant Records/Nashville.

Stephen McCord is a twenty year veteran of the music business and has held senior executive marketing positions with RCA Records and MCA Records. Today, they own The Service Station, a full-service entertainment artist development company, specializing in independent marketing, distribution, and artist management.

Topics discussed include music distribution, getting records on the radio, and where the music business is headed.

Stephen McCord

The Service Station


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3 Responses to “John Burns and Stephen McCord on Music Business Radio”

  1. Michael Laybourn

    05. Nov, 2009

    Hey Steven… Looks like a nice business! Keep them indies alive!

    — ml

  2. Jane Brock

    04. Sep, 2010

    Hey John and Stephen–
    Heard your Music Business Radio show being promoted on Lightning 100, but I missed the show. Am anxious to learn more about Service Station on behalf of the band I manage, Lines In the Sky. Check us out, if you will, on or And give us a shout out if you’re interested in talking at Thanks! Sounds like a great business!
    Jane, Mgr., Lines In the Sky

  3. admin

    01. Dec, 2010

    Hey Michael, hope this note finds you and Nance doing well. Dang, I’m just seeing this message so I apologize for the long delay. Thanks for reaching out. Indeed, I’m trying my best to keep those indies alive! I wanted to tell you my wife (Flower) and I just had our first baby on 11/6. Her name is Pearl. Life is good in TN. I hope to see you guys down the road. Don’t be surprised if I show up someday! All the best, Stephen

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